The autonomy hoax revealed, now there will be pro-independence lists alternative to all the Italian parties

While at an international level we are witnessing very important days for the right of self-determination of peoples, from Catalonia, to Kurdistan, to Hong Kong, to Taiwan, to Scotland even in Veneto there are those who think that the time has come to say with strength that the only way to solve the current situation is the independence.

Yesterday evening in Treviso at the Maggior Consiglio hotel the first of a series of public meetings organized by was held. These events are called “In Veneto the independence wind is blowing again” and during the very attended meeting the movement that 5 years ago had given birth to the digital independence referendum of the Veneto announced that it will present its candidacy in the next regional elections to be held in Veneto in 2020. During the evening several videos and images from Catalonia were shown and were also illustrated the situations of peoples struggling for freedom in different parts of the world.

In the course of his report, with slides and live streaming video, President Gianluca Busato said: “Any term that is used instead of independence, such as” self-government “, means that they are making fun of you, just like has made the league over the past 30 years through federalism, secession, devolution, macro-region, autonomy and now coming to the anti-Venetian slogan “first the Italians”.

“It is clear – continued Busato – from the international situation that the question of independence is more alive than ever and that it is not possible even for brutal regimes to pass it over in silence. From this point of view we Venetians can confidently claim to have advantages, as in 2014 we were able to organize a digital referendum for independence without anyone putting us in jail. This encourages us to bring the Veneto issue to the first point of the political agenda today “.

And again: “Today we can say that it is possible to do it again, since the League’s deceit of autonomy has finally been exposed. We already knew this and unlike some fake separatist we have consistently affirmed it since the referendum two years ago, in which the supposed Venetian ruling class has made fun of all its fellow citizens. Today, this hoax is missing. Everyone knows that the Italian state does not want and cannot grant any factual autonomy, much less fiscal, to Veneto. If it did, in fact, the whole party system would collapse based on the granting of favors, bribes, payments to its own “clients”, to electoral groups that prostitute themselves for a few euros. This process of authentic “exchange vote” and civic corruption is in fact sustained thanks to the fiscal robbery carried out essentially towards the Venetians and the Lombards. has declared itself an alternative to the league and to those that have been defined as “its spare wheels”, that is the movements that have converged in the party of the Venetians and that sit mostly with the carroccio in the region and in different municipalities of Veneto. The sole objective of the movement therefore remains independence, since, its exponents affirm, it is above all a question of common sense.

“While others are reversing the objectives – Gianluca Busato concluded – we are the only Venetian movement that believes that independence is the only possibility to get out of the serious situation that is compromising the vitality of the Veneto’s economic and productive framework. Every year Veneto becomes older, less competitive, with greater pension spending and fewer ability to cope with growth and development needs. Either we take back our destiny with independence, or the future will reserve a bitter destiny for the Venetians of tomorrow, the youth of today and their children ”. has also announced that in the coming weeks it will give rise to several public meetings in the territory, precisely to make the independence wind “blow stronger and stronger” throughout the Veneto.

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